Sunset of the RV Empire

RV as in RV-4, RV-6, RV-7, RV-8, RV-9 and RV-10 aircraft. Quite a community has arisen around these capable little airplanes. People have made small fortunes because of Van’s Aircraft airplanes. An entire community based on these planes has arisen on the Internet. Like any community ours has it’s share of demigods. It’s been enough to drive me from Internet forum to Internet forum. I thought I was just being over sensitive but each day more and more people leave the RV community because of the demigods and aristocrats (as another writer put it.)

I’m selling my RV-4 and I could not be happier. The only thing that will make me even more happy is to sell it. It will be good to be rid of the demigods. I’m not going to walk away from aviation, just walk into a slower, friendlier aviation. Good-bye Van’s, hello Rans.

4 thoughts on “Sunset of the RV Empire

  1. I agree! I lose interest in the RV’s almost every time I read the RV forums. The RV community seems to be like the “Jones” – everyone is just trying to outdo the other. People build RV’s with more equipment than a 747!

    And yes there are always the few aristocrats that seem to spoil it for everyone as they think there way is the only correct way and if you did it different, they blast you!

    Good choice on going with a Rans! Yes they are a little bit slower than an RV, but that just means you get to enjoy the flight longer. I really haven’t noticed any “know-it-alls” on the Rans’ forums either.

  2. John


    I’m sorry to see you selling the RV-4. I think it’s the finest of Van’s designs.

    I was interested to read your website. I’m an RV6A builder/flyer. We live in Southern California, are Christians, and have homeschooled our two kids for a number of years now. I’m fortunate to have a wife that not only allows me to fly, but likes to come along.

    I’ve looked a couple of times at airplanes with different missions. Lately it’s been the RV-12. However, I keep coming to the conclusion that by selling the -6A I will always have the liability trail, and if I’m looking for low and slow I can always putter around at 2,000AGL at 1700 RPM burning 5 gph.

    In truth, If I really want to get my costs down I’d take a partner in the RV. That way I cut the overhead by half, get another chackbook for large repairs, and can make sure the airplane is properly maintained to mitigate my future liability.

    I can understand your issues with the Van’s communities. I’ve recently stepped back from a couple of forums because it became increasingly apparent that the sentiments being shared were not my own.

    If you are interested shoot me a note and we can meet for lunch. I wouldn’t mind flying up to the Central Valley.

    John Allen

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