It is finished

The plane that is.  Finally, after 5 years of construction, and 5 years of flying (has it been THAT long?) my RV-4 is finished.  Here is the final result:

The NEW RV-4
The NEW RV-4

I’ve had so many friends tell me that now that it’s done, I won’t want to sell it.  I kind of don’t.  However, I’m entering into a new phase of flying where I don’t feel the need to go so fast or so far.  This plane has long legs and I don’t really.  I would rather it go to someone who can enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “It is finished

  1. Rudy L. Hoblit

    I ran across your website. I am based in Modesto. I love how God works. I have been looking at building the RV-7 for the last three years; and finally committed to it the past July at OSH KOSH. I am working on the tail kit; and looking for other past/present/future builders in the area. I would love to talk with you sometime. You have my e-mail.
    I love how you combine flying and God. (the order is wrong in that phrase)

    God Bless

    Rudy L. Hoblit

  2. They there Rudy. Aviation is a wonderful gift from God and we are very priviledged to live in the age of man wherein God has condescended to share that gift with us. I’m happy to talk about our Father or airplanes any time.

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