Soon and very soon

I haven’t been updating this blog much lately.  I’ve been busy with issues at work, work at church, and a few other miscellaneous side projects.

Something happened at work today that made me want to write about it.  Kind of like finding a $100 bill in your pants.  I was in our operations area at work and one of the end users came in asking for a report.  He’s a very quiet guy.  Never says much, least of all to me.  The operator on duty told him the report would be ready “soon.”  So feeling a little mischevious I started to sing “Soon and very soon…”  and then stopped waiting for the reaction.  Everyone looked at me with a puzzled amused look.  But the quiet guy that came in for the report answers with “We are going to see the King!”  And with the biggest smile I’d ever seen on his face.

He then remarked, “I hope He comes before we all get laid off.”

“Amen.” I answered.

I sense an new ministry opportunity. 🙂

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