The Flying Deacon

Every time I turn around I see another Flying Dutchman reference.  Who would have thought I would be so famous?  Well, what did I expect picking such an over-used moniker.  Maybe I should have chosen the Stubborn Dutchman, or gone with my true heritage and called myself The Flying Flem.  You see, we’re Flemmish.

Since there are Flying DutchMEN everywhere I have decided to change my moniker to The Flying Deacon.  Yes.  Henceforth I shall be The Flying Deacon.  How many airborn deacons can there possibly be?  I bet I’m about to find out.

That’s not the only change that Mrs. Flying Deacon and I are considering.  We are also considering a change of residence.  Praise God that we will both be sharing this residence… along with our children.  We’ve seen our neighborhood undergo many changes but the change we’re seeing now is somewhat disturbing.  It’s been slow coming on but it’s getting progressivly worse.  It’s our next door neighbor and his pot-smoking, foul-mouthed friends.  The bulk of the neighborhood is still nice but these people are real losers.

I understand there is nowhere we can go to escape worldly influences but we can try to at least keep them at arm’s length.  We are looking into moving up to the foothills.  Two reasons.  Housing is pretty affordable right now.  Yes we’ll sell our house at a lower price too but the houses we are looking at are affordable.  Plus there is more than 20 feet between neighbors.  The second reason is air quality.  As my son grows older his allergic reactions to springtime and harvest become more pronounced.  When we spend a couple of days above the haze layer in the valley he seems to be better.  Nothing set in stone just yet but we are definately giving this some serious investigation.

The last change is that I am divesting myself of many of my airplane doo-dads.  I’m selling off my gps systems, and oxygen tank.  I’m selling some of my computer stuff too.  Why?  I’m starting a new campaign.  It’s called, “Send a Gringo to Mexico.”  Mrs. Flying Deacon enjoyed last year’s trip to Mexico immensely.  Also, I saw how relaxed she became.  She literally looked 5 years younger at the end of our week in Playa Del Carmen.  She needs that again.  Since I don’t really earn enough to take a vacation like that every year, I’m starting a fund and paying into it with stuff I sell and and side jobs I can scrounge up.

Lot’s of changes around here.  Let’s pray they are all for the better.

2 thoughts on “The Flying Deacon

  1. Welcome to the ‘Flying Deacon’ 🙂 Good luck with your proposed move, I hope it goes well for you. I hope you are not going to give up flying. Personally I find it a great way to escape for a short while from the trials and tribulations down on the ground. While flying nothing else in the world matters, it is just pure contentment and inner peace.

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