Prayer answered

Praise God we’ve had a prayer answered.  It looks as though He has brought us a serious buyer for the RV-4.  He sounds like a good person too.  Just the kind of person I would want to see the plane go to.  I hope he enjoyes it as much as I have.  This will give us some financial ease and also enable me to start on the next plane.  If I sell that plane I need to remember to be more clear.  There have been a few minor communication breakdowns on this deal.  Nothing major at all and most likely due to assumptions on my part.

The next task will be to clean out the hangar.  I’m thinking of renting it temporarily while I work on my plane.  Might  bring in a little extra money that could help out with the build.  It’s going to be a huge cleanup operation.  It’s amazing how much junk and spare parts you acquire when building a plane!

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