Clean up and planning

It’s amazing the amount of ‘stuff’ you collect while building an airplane.  Today I started cleaning out my hangar at the airport (O27).  I found stuff that I had intended to put on the RV-4 but never got around to it.  Some of it I’ll save for the Coyote.  Some of it is just junk.  I didn’t get much work done because of all the talkers that stopped by to ask about my plane and ask what I’m doing next.

I’ve decided to go minimalist on my hangar.  Originally I was trying to make it a home away from home.  Now that our EAA chapter has a powered hangar with a kitchen and bathrooms (almost), I want to make my hangar just a hangar.  It will be a lot easier to keep the pests out.  With all the openings in the S-6ES it’s going to be quite a job keeping the wasps and mud daubers out.  Removing all the excess junk in the hangar will  really help. 

The first stage of building the next plane starts on Dec 5.  I will be flying commercial to Phoenix to visit the Rans dealer I’ve been talking to for the past few months.  I’ll be taking a ride in a Rans Coyote and if I still like the Coyote I’ll order the kit.  I’ll hold off ordering the engine as a hedge against losing my job or any other unforeseen bad circumstance.  In a year or so if all is still looking good I’ll order the engine.  There may be some deals on engines next year anyway if all goes well.

So begins the build log of my Coyote.

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