Airprayer Airplane Works

A good friend gave me some things to think about recently.  About why I’m building this plane.  He challenged me with the following proposal; if I am building this plane to help teach my son some skills, then when I am done why don’t I just sell it and use part of the money to do something nice for my family?  I know all my airplane buddies out there will ask if I am nuts.  I probably am a bit nuts yes.  

There are reasons that I won’t go into right now that do put this project right on the ragged edge of iffy-ness.  If all continues to go well then we should be fine.  However, I am in ministry in my church.  I’m not a pastor but I have a practical ministry nonetheless.  With so many people in hard times, and with certain other considerations in my personal life, is it really a responsible use of that money to build an airplane right now?  If it’s to teach my son then yes.  But if it *is* to teach my son then I should also teach him about sacrifice and letting go.

So I have therefore decided to build this airplane with my son with the intention of selling it.  We’re going to look at this as a family business of sorts.  Now this does somewhat tread into the grey areas of the FAA’s amateur homebuilt intent but I do intend to fly the plane for a bit.  So really it does meet the “for education and recreation” intent of the FAA’s amateur-built experimental aircraft rules.  If after I have sold the plane the economy has turned around and I am in a good financial position, then I will simple build another aircraft  — this one to keep for myself.

Carl, this is my answer.  Thanks for the challenge bro and for your ongoing sacrifices!

2 thoughts on “Airprayer Airplane Works

  1. Lester Morrison (coyote95)

    I like your way of thinking about the building of your plane. It also reflects your faith and understanding of God’s word. He has given you a talent and passion for building and using your hands. Others may not have this talent and you could be helping them to enjoy the experience of flight by building and the selling the plane so that someone else can enjoy the beautiful creation that God has given us to use and enjoy.

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