The Waiting Game

Not having anything else to do with no airplane in the hangar and no airplane under construction I decided to clean out the hangar.  You know, it’s amazing how many nuts, botls, washers, and rivets I had left over.  I know what you’re thinking and no there are no parts falling off the airplane that I built.    At any rate, I was amazed at how much stuff can accumulate in 10 years.  I want to get the hangar to a point where it is completely empty.  When the next plane goes in that is all that will be there is just the airplane.  I’ve tried to make it my home away from home.  Trouble is, lots of wasps want to make it their home too and all that nice stuff that I keep in there like cabinets and work tables just give the wasps plenty of places to make their homes.  All I need is a few more Saturdays like today to get it all cleaned out.

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