Big box store

Well the boxes finally showed up.  They were LARGE.  Here are a couple of pictures of what we have so far:


It’s a very big box.  The very long box is right behind it.


My A#1 helper – and the whole reason I’m building another plane.  My last hurrah with my son.


Passenger compartment.  It’s powerder-coated chromoly steel tubing.  This is looking from the front left to the rear right.


This is the left gear leg socket.  Mmmm… powder-coat-alicious.


One of the molded plastic fuel tanks.


This is the dacron covering material.  Precolored.  No painting necessary.   The black you see isn’t a shadow, it’s one of the black stripes.


Inventory fun for everyone!

Well there you have it.  The first pictures of my new aircraft project.  I’ll post some updates as soon as I’m doing something building related.  For the next week or so I’ll be doing an inventory.

3 thoughts on “Big box store

  1. Kristi Gregg

    Naw – content is just grand-alicious! So fun to see what you and your son are up to! We might have to come and see the final project in person so you can hear us ooh and ahhhh!

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