Inventory Complete

Well, the first task of the project is done.  Inventory is complete.  There are a few backordered items but it looks like everything else is there.  To make it easy to find things I stapled the bags to the crate.  I picked up this tip on another Rans blog but I can’t remember where.  It will make finding the bags much easier.



The only problem is, I ran out of crate!  I will probably pull the crate away from the wall a bit so I can put up the bags that are still in the two boxes on the floor.

I’ve started laying out the pieces for the first project which is assembling the rear fuselage.  Lots and lots of aluminum tubing involved here.


Everything else is going to stay in the big crate until I need it.


I did run into one miscommunication on the part of Rans and/or my dealer.  Apparently since I didn’t specify an engine option they didn’t ship my cowling.  But… I paid for the cowling.  I fired off a few emails and the next morning I got a phone call from Rans and my dealer.  There was some minor strife involved.  Rans needs to fine tune their customer service a bit.  Though hearing the back story I can cut them a little slack.  They did resolve the situation to my satisfaction quickly so I am pleased with that.  I’m going to go ahead and order my firewall forward package on Monday and when they ship it they will send the cowling along with it.

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