Covenant Promise Redux

I’ve heard some talk about town about how rich I must be to be able to build an airplane.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, I sold an airplane that I had paid for in full over time to finance this project.  This aircraft is being purpose built to sell.  I repeat, this aircraft is being built to sell.  This is an apprenticeship for my son as I really have no other skills to teach him.

Thanks for letting me set the record straight.  God  bless you and yours.

One thought on “Covenant Promise Redux

  1. John

    Build the airplane. Fly it. Keep it.

    You don’t owe anyone “around town” an explanation. If you feel that way perhaps you should repent

    The only reason to sell an airplane you love might be to prevent a weaker member from stumbling. You’re much better inviting them for a ride!

    I hope your “promise” rings hollow some day as you’re skirting the treetops at 200′ That airplane gives you encouragement and confidence. It represents a bond between you and your son that you will have in common as long as you own it. It provides an instant conversation topic that might lead. . .

    There are believing pilots like me who need you amongst us.

    John Allen

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