Rear fueselage

Got to spend my first full day of building.  We made some pretty good progress.  We made a few blunders but overall we did pretty good.

Bluder number 1 was riviting a tube in the wrong place.  Scotty just rivits too fast for me to keep up with the book reading.   I drilled out the rivet and we riveted the tube in the right place.

Blunder number 2 was putting the vertical stabilizer rudder hinge attach nutplate in the wrong position.  I think.  It just doesn’t look right.  I mounted it in the only pre-drilled hole in that area of the VS spar but it’s up inside the the gusset area.  I don’t eve know why I bothered drilling that hole, I only need to construct the frame.

Here’s what we got done today.

Rear fuselage



Vertical stabilizer


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