Phase 1 Flight Testing

Now the the first flight of my airplane is past me, I now have to perform what’s called Phase 1 flight testing.  This is to determine the performance of the airplane and what the safe flight parameters are.  Today’s flights consisted of confirming the first flight’s test results.  The objective of these flights are just to determine that the airplane is controllable using normal control inputs and to correct any squawks or problems you encounter.

Today I had a problem with the tachometer so I landed to fix that and also readjust my flight controls.  The airplane currently has a tendency to turn left.  I found that readjusting the flight controls wasn’t enough to correct the left turning tendency.  Next I added more washout or twist to the right wing.  This will reduce the right wing’s lift slightly.  I did not get a chance to perform another test flight.  Testing will continue on Saturday.

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