Phase I testing – 3.2 hours

Today I continued to battle a heavy left wing.  I almost have it completely gone.  I think one more adjustment ought to do it.  I also had to resynchronize my carburetors again today.    The engine seemed to be running a little rough in flight and on landing it quit.  Yes, I was already on the ground.  I advanced the throttle a little and it started right back up.  It did attract a lot of attention though.  Resynchronizing the carbs made the engine run much smoother and no more stoppage.

I’m still trying to get comfortable in the new plane. I’m pretty comfortable taxiing on the ground now.  I just have to get comfortable with the landings.  After a few landings I started doing a little better but still need a lot of practice.  I can tell you for sure that this gear is strong!  I’m coming in much too fast for this plane.  The last few landings were better.  A big part of the problem is getting my seat adjusted properly.  Once I have the seat and the landings dialed in, and no more heavy wing, I can start the testing in earnest.

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