Battery Charging Problem Fixed

I’ve been battling a battery charging gremlin since early on in my phase 1 flight testing.  Initially I thought it was a blown fuse.  It turns out the blown fuse was not the cause but a symptom of the bigger problem.  The bigger problem is that I didn’t read one line in my Rotax engine manual which stated that the voltage regulator should never be turned off while the engine is running.  Since on a Lycoming you can switch off the alternator field switch at will, I assumed you could do the same on a Rotax.  Not so.  The manual clearly states that if you do this you will damage the voltage regulator.

Well, I did, and I did.  So I ordered a replacement voltage regulator and installed it.  I check the voltage today and there is ample voltage now to charge my battery.  I’ll monitor voltage closely on the next few flights but I’m confident I’ve corrected the problem.

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