Phase 1 Flight Testing–18.9 hours

I had three squawks remaining on the plane and now am down to one.  The biggest squawk was my charging system.  This was repaired by replacing my regulator/rectifier which I fried by not knowing how to properly operate my engine.  The second biggest squawk is that my airspeed indicator indicates a higher airspeed than I’m actually travelling.  I emailed technical support and they suggested shortening the length of my pitot tube (this is the probe that stick out in front of the airplane and is connected to the airspeed indicator).  I shortened the pitot tube by almost half and now I am seeing normal airspeed indications.  I didn’t think it would help much but I’m pleasantly surprised.

The last squawk will be much easier to fix.  The airplane shows a tendency to turn to the left which forces me to hold a little left rudder when I’m flying.  The fix for this is easy, to find a length of tubing that I can attach to the left side trailing edge of my rudder.  I just need to find the right length of tubing and attach it.


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