Phase 1 flying–30 hours

This morning’s flight was fun.  I’m loading up the plane and getting used to how it handles when heavy.  To do this I decided to load up all my camping gear.  Of course, it has to be out of the plane before you can load it inside the plane.  So I went down to a grassy spot on my airport and set up camp.



This also gave me a chance to test the tie-down anchors I made this week.  I’d like longer stakes, these are only 12 inches, I’d like 14 inches.  When in actual use the stakes would be driven all the way in, as this was only a test I left them sitting proud.



After a hard day of air camping, what’s for dinner?  MRE’s!!



And there’s plenty more where that came from!



I’m also bringing a couple of items along for safety.  One is a breakout tool to help with egress from the cockpit should the doors become jammed.  The other is my Spot Satellite GPS Messenger.  This device updates a web page with real time position updates.



Hard to believe most of this stuff will fit into this small plane.



Now all I have to do is pack my clothes, put in some gasoline and off I go!

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