Phase 1 Flying–34 hours

Had a great flight this morning.  The air was smooth as glass.  Today I calibrated my Lift Reserve Indicator.  It’s not completely accurate yet but it’s close enough.  The LRI can be thought of as either an angle of attack indicator or a an airspeed indicator that is extremely accurate at low speeds.  The instrument is connected to a probe that has two inputs which ram air enters at two different angles.  The LRI instrument compares the two pressures on the two ports and moves a needle accordingly.  You calibrate the probe by changing the angle at which it protrudes below the wing, thus altering the angle at which the air hits the two ports.

I also took the opportunity to do some pre-Fourth of July sight seeing.  Here are a few shots of Lake Don Pedro from this morning’s flight.



Only 6 more hours and I’m set to carry passengers, and leave my test area!  Oshkosh here I come!

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