Practical love – Suffering together

Recently I became convicted that we as a church need to find new ways to show love to one another.  To that end I will be emailing you with simple, practical tips on how you can show love to your fellow believers.  Comforting one another is an amazing testimony for Christ.  I recently ran across a passage in a book I was browsing online…

"Suffering can unite people in powerful ways because it reveals their common need for God. Divisions and conflicts often appear trivial in the face of suffering. Make room in your life for broken and grieving people."

Whether they are grieving over the loss of a spouse or loved one, dealing with children’s physical or behavioral challenges, or even just not feeling well, think and pray about what you can do to help.  From providing meals or child care to simply listening to them share their struggles your willingness to come along side and share their suffering will point them to the source of true hope – Christ.  Let your shared hope in Christ draw you closer together.

2 thoughts on “Practical love – Suffering together

  1. kristi

    That shared hope opens the door to MANY different people coming alongside us to share our sufferings. I’ve met so many people in the last year with whom I can suffer along with 1. because of our shared hope in Christ and 2. because people are willing to admit they are suffering.

    Love the quote!

    Great to see you and your lovely ladies – if only for a couple of minutes – today 🙂

    Take care,

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