Practical Love–Do Something!

Here’s another simple, practical tip on how you can show love to your fellow believers; do something for someone. Do you have a skill that would help someone?  Do you have a truck that you can help transport items?  Can you knit a hat?

Your Christian brothers and sisters have all kinds of needs and you are specifically gifted to fill one or more of those needs.  Look around, talk to others, spend time together and find out what others need.  When you become aware of a need, offer to help.  The offer may be declined but be patient, polite, genuine, and persistent and soon you will be taken up on your offer.

Are you having trouble offering or even asking for help then you need to immerse yourself in God’s Word.  God’s Word will give you the motivation you need.  Think of what Christ did for you, is haling off a table in your truck any harder?  Now get out there and do something!

"It is the word of God energized by the Spirit of God that brings about the change in our hearts we so desperately and continually need.  The Christian must have the effectual working of the word in his heart if he is to minister to others."  — Blog post from 

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