The Airport

Here is an amazing email I received from my wife tonight…

It is amazing how one piece of land surrounded by brush, animals is so unassuming
and yet had made a mark in you and in our family.  It is always going to be a part of us.

Images of you flying the rental plane then the Aeronca, the RV, and the RANS.
As you said it is where the earth meets the sky, where you found a dream and decided to soar and to experience what a few can, to fly to the clouds – a happy place where you are one with your plane and at peace with yourself.  I’ve been there many times through almost half a lifetime. 

Although the children grew, it didn’t change much except for a few improvements.
Although I have been there before, I can see now how and why you like it so much.
It brings peace to the soul, and its silence is healing to the heart.

I had a great time walking with you in one of your most favorite places in the world, probably second to none.

I love you!

Thank you for sharing it with me, my dear.  I love you more than the airport.

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