Christmas comes to Red Hills

With getting prepared for Christmas and the bad weather I haven’t been able to fly much.  Then on the 26th we finally had some good weather!  I jumped in the plane and headed up to Jack Moyle’s strip up in the Red Hills.  As usually his three dogs came bolting out at the airplane before I had even shut down.  That’s quite the sight the first time you see these three bruisers running at you.  But they are in fact the welcoming committee and did their job just fine.

Jack came out and met me and we walked back up to his house.  Myrna met us as we came in from the cold.  I handed them a gift-wrapped box of chocolates as a Christmas gift.  Well, since it was the 26th I guess that could be considered Boxing Day.  We had a nice visit and caught up with what has been happening the last few months.  Jack and Myrna are still having their Easter get together to which all pilots are invited.  We also set the date for the 2nd Annual Red Hills Fly In for Memorial Day weekend.  A great way to kick off the summer flying season!

Jack had things to do as did I so this was a relatively short visit.  They are the most wonderful folks you could ever hope to meet.  Jack had just rolled the strip and with the recent rains it looks absolutely wonderful.

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