My S6ES Coyote is for sale

Yes the time has come for my beloved Coyote and I to part ways.  I really enjoy this little airplane.  We’ve had a lot of adventures together.  But I need to get some college money ready for a certain someone.  Plus I’ve become convicted that I need to downsize my life drastically.  Selling the airplane and hangar are the first steps towards doing this.  So with out further ado, here are some links to sites with the for sale info:

My Barnstormers ad:

Link to my “For Sale” Flyer:

9 thoughts on “My S6ES Coyote is for sale

  1. Brian

    I’ve often thought that would be fun…….there’s two problems……, I don’t think it will fit in a basement storage compartment on a class A motorhome. Two……..they are just to slow.
    Hope you have a ton of fun with it though.

  2. Too slow is fine with me. I have no where to go! And the frames can be broken down to fit in the trunk of a car so it would fit. The quad go-cart thingy wouldn’t fit though. I hope to have fun with it.

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