Today’s flights

Well after all the business of today I was able to sneak off to New Jerusalem just before sunset and get in a couple of flights in the PPG.  The wind was a little switchy so I had to wait a bit.  Then just as I was getting ready to go a Chinook helicopter comes barreling into the pattern.  I had to get away from there quick.  There is tons of downwash from the Chinook’s twin rotors.  He messed up the pattern for about 15 minutes than went on his way.  After he left I practiced some touch and goes with some kiting thrown in.  I’m just now starting to get a feel for flying the wing while driving along on the ground.  I need to practice that more.

I also used an app on my phone called PPGps.  It’s a great little app that shows your position on a map, your ground speed, vertical speed, fuel timer, etc.  It’s got a lot of grate little features like starting your fuel timer once you’ve reached a certain speed.  You pretty much set it up before you take off and then leave it alone.  It takes care of itself after that.  Really like this app!  PPGps is available from Google Play.


So all in all today I flew two flights and did 4 touch-and-goes.  Only burned about 1.8 liters of fuel.  I’ll start venturing farther away but for now, I’m still learning to handle this thing.  I’m really enjoying the process!

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