Cleaning Up Frees My Soul

The day started early for me.  I wanted to fly this morning.  I really wanted to fly from my home field, Oakdale Municipal Airport (O27).  I woke up early and trailered up my Nirvana Trike.  I got out to Oakdale and found nothing but thick fog.  Figures.   I decided to try my luck out at New Jerusalem but an hour later when I got there, it was too windy to fly.  Figures.  So I gave up and headed back home.

After putting the trike back in the hangar (my garage) I decided to amuse myself by cleaning up a bit more.  My son who recently moved out is a pack rat.  I’ve been slowing getting ride of all the junk (literally) that he’s be tucking away in the garage.  After a trip to Hope Chest to donate some items and multiple trips to the garbage can I’m happy to report that there is yet another corner of the garage that is clean and organized.  Seeing the garage slowly emptying out somehow makes me feel really good.  Not only can I walk around the garage without stepping on or tripping over things but It also moves us a little closer to our goal of selling everything and hitting the road.

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