Valentines Day Dinner and President’s Day RV Show

At the last moment I decided to take my wife away for an overnighter for Valentine’s Day.  Our favorite hotel is The Westin along the Sacramento River in Sacramento.  Cristy loves the large bedroom and very large bathroom with big claw-foot bathtub.  We were lucky enough to get a river view this time!

The next day we headed over to the former McClellan Air Force Base.  Now just an economic zone of sorts.  One of the local RV companies had rented a large hangar and held an indoor RV show.  Since they are a Grand Design RV dealer I wanted to give Cristy a chance to look at her favorite RV’s again.

Second runner-up, Grand Design Reflection 337RLS:


We both really like the layout of this coach.  I also like that it is lighter and does not require as heavy duty a truck to pull it.  However, it is small, and the materials are lighter weight (cheaprer) than the other models we liked.  Here are a few pictures we took of the 337RLS:

First runner-up, Solitude 384GK:


Cristy really likes this one.  There is tons of storage in the kitchen and throughout the unit.  Really the only draw back is that it’s useful load is only around 2500 lbs.  That’s not a whole lot for a house on wheels.   This may still be an option though.  Here are a few pictures:

And the winner is, Solitude 369RL:


This has the same general floor plan as the others but is more spacious and open.  It also has the greatest useful load at 3300 lbs.  It is their most popular model and so there should be a lot of used models on the market when we are ready to purchase.  Again, we took some pictures of this unit:


So there you have it.  We have now decided on our next home.

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