Cal-Expo RV and Boat Show

I spent Saturday morning at the Cal-Expo RV and Boat Show in Sacramento.    The boats were interesting but that’s not what I went there for.  I went to take a look at Grand Design RV’s newest model the 380GK.  It’s basically the 35′ foot version of it’s bigger brother the 384GK.  I really like the floor plan of the 384GK the best but at 40 feet long it seems a bit long for a trailer towing newbie like me.  The 380GK is 5 feet shorter but has same great kitchen layout as the 384GK.



After looking at the model, however, I’ve decided that we’re going to stick with the 369RL. While we love the spaciousness of the 384GK and the basement storage is HUGE, the problem is the pantry space is limited and it’s load carrying capacity is less than the 369.  Though I like the 380GK, it just doesn’t have the interior storage that I think we’re going to need.  I think we’ll stick with the 369RL.


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