Perfect Afternoon Flight

Today after work I hightailed it out to New Jerusalem Airport.  I had been checking all day long and the winds looked perfect; less than 5mph.  I trailered up my trike, packed up my airport in a box and headed out.  Being as it was such a perfect day I elected not to take any in-flight video or photos.  I just wanted to enjoy the moment.  And for one hour I enjoyed every moment, giving thanks to God for being able to enjoy the gift of aviation once again.  Back at the airport I practiced spot landings but the sun was down and it was soon time to kill the engine, roll to a stop, and then listen to the crinkling of the wing collapsing to the ground behind my trike.  Then there were only the red wing blackbirds chiding me for making so much noise for the past hour.  It was a good evening.

(Pardon the audio problems)

And by the way, it was a great landing.  Whenever your lines fall right back into the line guides, it was a good landing!

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