Truck Research

Well, there isn’t a whole lot going on in the flying world or the RV world.  We’re really just kind of in a holding pattern, dreaming.  One thing I haven’t done a whole lot of is trying to find the beast of a truck that will pull our home on wheels.  Well, that’s not exactly true. I’ve done enough research to know I want a RAM 3500, dually, long bed, crew cab, tow prep, auto level, 4.10 rear axle ratio, AISIN transmission.  I know I want to buy it from Dennis Dhillon Dodge in Boise/Nampa ID.  I know I’ll have to special order it because almost no one carries the truck I’m looking for.  But other than that I haven’t looked into it too much. 🙂

I figure I need to get another year or two out of my van and I’ll trade it in and buy the truck at the same time. I also believe this truck will pull any Solitude we end up purchasing.  Right now we’re settled on the 369RL but who knows what Grand Design will come out with in a few years?  I’ve spec’ed out the truck here: Ram 3500 – Vehicle Summary

Along with the truck I’ll need a good 5th wheel hitch.  The B&W hitch has received very good reviews.  The only bad review I’ve heard is that the hitch is very heavy.


Yeah, looks pretty heavy!  But it fits into the Ram factory 5th wheel mounts with no problem.  Even though it’s a heavy hitch, I like the fact that it is easily removable (with help).  I have heard of people simply leaving it hitched up to their trailer, unlatching the bed mounts, and using the trailer’s leveling system to lift the hitch off the bed, and drive out from under it.  Then you can use the full bed of the truck.  When you’re done, drive back under the hitch, have the trailer lower back down, and re-latch the hitch to the truck.  I’m sure that’s easier said than done. 🙂

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