On the Road Internet

One of the many things I’ve been thinking about when considering RV’ing is Internet connectivity.  How do I ensure I stay connected?  I’ve researched solutions from several companies, and gotten some great ideas from Technomadia.com.  I think I’ve finally come up with a good workable solution that will have multiple sources of Internet that I can select to keep me connected.  Here’s basically what it looks like

RV Wireless (1)


The elitepack_shop_01-228x228WiFi Ranger Elite and WiFi Ranger Go2 are sold as a package from WiFi Ranger.  The Elite is a signal booster and antenna combo and the Go2 is a router that has multiple inputs and a small ethernet switch.  It can use the ethernet ports or USB as Internet gateways.  It then sets up an internal WiFi network that you connect to.  Internet can come from the RV Park via the Elite antenna or via a hotspot tether to the Go2 via USB.




Since RV parks and campgrounds don’t always have the strongest cellular signals need some way to amplify those signals.  To bring in these weak signals for the Hotspot (or cell phones) I’m planning on also adding a signal booster like the one from WeBoost.  It will work with all North American cellular networks and will boost data and voice signals.  And will work with more than one phone at a time.  It comes with an external antenna that can be mounted on the RV or even your vehicle while you’re traveling.

So there you have it.  With multiple inputs and amplifiers this should pull in Internet where ever I happen to be.

2 thoughts on “On the Road Internet

  1. Hi, my husband and I are taking delivery of our 5th wheel very soon and we were wondering what made you choose the ranger elite over another. We have really been interested in the Rogue Wave. We thought the increased distance and simplicity was nice. We have heard if you do anything technical with Internet signals you may want a different antenna. We were just curious for your thoughts! Thanks!

  2. Disclaimer: I’m not full-time yet so I haven’t been able to test anything. 🙂

    The WiFi-Ranger Elite is sold as a package with the Go2 product. I really like the fact that I can select one of multiple Internet sources. I believe it automatically selects another source if Internet fails on one (I’d have to double check that). If you’re just looking to boost weak incoming WiFi signals there are a number of good antennas out there for that. I just liked the whole Ranger package. That being said, these things change and become better pretty rapidly so after another research cycle, I might change my mind! 🙂 BTW, wireless networking is what I do in my day job.

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