Saturday Morning at New J

I got out to New Jerusalem kind of late this morning, close to 8:30am.  When I arrived I found I had company…


It was kind of interesting talking to the pilot in the blue ballon as he drifted over about 30 feet above my head.  We spoke in conversational tones.  “I like your wind sock.  It’s the perfect size for us.”  “Thanks!” Came back my reply.  So odd not to hear the sound of an engine when an aircraft is climbing out of the airport.  I took care of the lack of engine noise.

The gentleman in the blue balloon didn’t fly much longer than I did.  The wind was negligable on the ground but very switchy and thermally about 100 feet up.  I spent a lot of time swinging back and forth.  I’m still trying to get used to this feeling.  I think I need to fly with more paramotorists so I know what’s normal and what’s not.  At any rate it wasn’t comfortable for either of us so we landed.

I put my rig away and then drove over to watch them pack up.  I offered to help fully expecint them to say no, but the joke was on me as I was employed as a third set of hand between the pilot and his ground handler.    I learned a lot about how they are constructed how they are flown and handled.  Very interesting.  I invited them to the High Sierra Fly-in.  I hope they show.

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