Drive Through Gold Country

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks so I decided to take a day trip with my wife up Highway 49 from Mokelumne Hill to Nevada City.

It was a pretty windy day down in the valley so it was refreshing to be up in the foothills where the wind wasn’t as strong.

We decided to stop off at Auburn Airport for a surprisingly delicious lunch.  Usually airport food isn’t all that great but the cafe at the airport is really good.

We finally made it up to Nevada City.  We spent some time walking the streets and checking out the shops.  It’s my job to carry shopping bags.  Luckily there were only two and they were very small.  Cristy bought some super-duper special herbal tea of some kind and some Cacoco Drinking Chocolate.

Nevada City starts rolling up the sidewalks at about 5 pm so we headed back down to the valley to head back home.  Sorry I don’t have many pictures of Nevada City.  I have to remember that folks like to see pictures and not just read words.  Something I need to work on.

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