Red Hills Work Party Rescheduled

Yesterday a small group of us were supposed to drive up to the Red Hills Strip to help theIMG_20160326_102107506 owner, Jack, remove a tree that is leaning dangerously close to the runway.  If you look just left of the airplane in this photo you will see the tree.

The plan was to cut this tree down and one other dead tree on the property also located next to the runway.  However, weather did not cooperate.  Two of the folks in our work party, who also had the chainsaw, were going to fly in.  Since there are no IFR approaches to this runway (unless you count the railroad tracks that run next to it) it was decided that we would postpone the work party.  Even if they drove up the rain would make for slick footing which is not optimal for working with chainsaws.

IMG_20160326_113513757The the bright side of the rain this past weekend is that it ought to make the Red Hills stay absolutely beautiful for our Memorial Day Fly-In!


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