Ashland Oregon – Day 2

This morning we woke up and headed down to the Ashland Food Coop for some breakfast and to do a little shopping.  They have a buffet style food bar with all organic non-GMO foods.  It was delicious!  We went into the rest of the store to buy some water and stumbled on a nutritional wonderland for Cristy.  Every homeopathic health suppliment and medicine you can imagine was there along with a huge variety of locally grown fruits vegetables, meats, and dairy items.  We ended up only getting a few snack items, water, and coconut water.  It even puts Whole Foods to shame.  We really wish we had something like this back in Modesto.


Then we headed back to the cottage so Cristy could get ready for her massage and soak at Chozu Tea Gardens.  She elected to have a deep tissue massage.  First they had her go sit in the dry sauna for 10 minutes or so to soften her muscles up then she showered and spent an hour getting her muscles worked out by the masseuse.  Then we spent another hour soaking in one of the private hot pools (since we forgot our bathing suits).  It was heavenly. Then we finished up with 15 minutes in the dry sauna, a shower, and then went off for lunch. Sorry, no photos from inside.  Please note that if you go there after 6pm it is clothing optional so if simple nudity offends you, please go there before 6pm.  We got there at 8pm and were given wraps to wear.  Some folks were wearing them, some folks weren’t.  At any rate, you can avoid this if you get there earlier in the day.

A note on Chozu, they also have a tea and sake bar and can serve light meals.  If you are evern in Ashland, please check them out!

Our cottage
Chozu Bath and Tea Gardens

After our soak we headed downtown to find some lunch.  We ended up at a place called Pangea.  Cristy had a salad and I had a vegetarian panini

Afterwards we explored the town until dinner time.  We ran into a great little place along the creek that runs through downtown and had a wonderful dinner.


For the rest of the evening we just relaxed back at the cottage and enjoyed the views.  We wanted to rest up because tomorrow we’re driving to Fort Bragg, California.  Catch you tomorrow.


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