Travel Day – Ashland to Fort Bragg

We spent the majority of Friday driving from Ashland, Oregon to Fort Bragg, California.  There’s not a lot to complain about though because the scenery is beautiful.  We would love to spend some time in the area around Yreka.  It’s a beautiful place.


We stopped off in Redding to walk across the Sundial Bridge.


We drove on and on and finally got to take a break when traffic came to a standstill on Highway 20 between Willits and Fort Bragg.  It is a gorgeous place to be stuck.


We finally got to our hotel an hour and a half later than we had planned.  We decided to go explore a little before heading out for dinner and we ended up at the Pomo Bluffs.  What a hidden gem!  We spent the afternoon just walking around the bluffs and breathing the fresh air.


There were only a few other tourists other than us there.  It was wonderful.

After dinner at a Noyo restaurant we took a wrong turn, a very fortuitous wrong turn, and ended up at the mouth of Noyo Harbor.  We were treated to the most gorgesous sunset.


The next day we played tourist for half the morning and drove home.  Nothing really special to report there.  Al in all we loved our trip to Ashland and Fort Bragg and would love to  WILL visit again!


Here’s a little treat…  The surf at Pomo Bluffs

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