My new (to me) Dudek Universal Wing

When I originally started researching this sport I decided I wanted two things; a Nirvana paramotor and a Dudek Universal wing.  This came from a lot of different folks making recommendations.  During training though, I just couldn’t seem to keep the Universal under control when I was trying to launch.  Ryan Shaw switched out to a more docile and stable wing; a Dudek Nemo.  That is the wing I ultimately bought and brought home.  Why mess with something that’s working?

Recently Ryan put up a used Universal for sale on Facebook.  I figured this would be a good way to finally try out that Universal and if it was a disaster I could always sell it again.  Well this morning I finally had a chance to take it out.  I proved no easier for me to launch.  I had three blown launch attempts with this wing.  I was about to pack it in but gave it one more try.  I finally got the wing stable and flying nicely above my Cruise Carbon Trike so I fed in full throttle and got to fly it for the first time.  Wow, what a difference!  This wing is way more maneuverable, slightly faster, and way more stabile!  The Nemo has a tendency to roll back and forth.  This is easily dampened but you have to work to stop it.  The Universal had no such tendency.  I could stow the brake toggles and just fly hands in my lap rock solid stabile.  I’m going to enjoy getting to know this wing!

Here is a short video this morning of flying the Dudek Universal!

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