I Have Been Co-Sourced – Part II

I had to write one more thing about this job change and give God glory in the process.  I was speaking to my boss (who is also a believer) about how we prayed for this job and the timing of it all.  She then told me the rest of the story.  How the job posting had been denied and closed.  That as far as they knew they would not be getting a permanent employee.  At some point the position mysteriously re-opened.  They didn’t know the position had opened up until they started receiving applications and resumes.  I was the last person they interviewed.  My soon-to-be boss was shocked.  She had been praying for a new employee to help out with networking.  The last person they talked to on the last day was the one they had been waiting (and praying) for… me.

God’s timing and provision are perfect.

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