Week Two at San Joaquin General Hospital

I haven’t had time to update my blog lately because this new job has kept me hopping from the time I arrive at work until quitting time.  This has been a wonderful experience so far.  I really like the people I’m working with.  For the first time in my career, I work in an office with a window!  A corner office no less!  Now, I do share the office with one other gentleman but we get along very good.  It’s pretty much the same kind of work as my last job but there’s just… less of it.  Most of my work here is going to be helping them organize their networking environment.

Since it is a hospital I can’t really post too many pictures of my work due to patient privacy but I will be posting some exterior shots.  They have a mix of modern architecture and early 20th century brick work.  Kind of reminds me of Gotham City.  At any rate I am still here and will hopefully be able to update more as I get settled into my job.

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