Fuel Primer Repair – Part 2

First of all it was a beautiful day here in California’s vast Central Valley.  It was sunny and 100 degrees here a few days ago and this morning I woke up to 62 degrees and this…


It’s a great way to usher in Autumn.  But I know that it will get hot again in a few days.  I’m just enjoying the cool weather until then.

Fuel Primer – Part 2

My workaround has been working great but it’s not a permanent fix.  I started on the permanent fix today.  This required removing the engine from the trike, removing the fuel tank, removing the workaround primer, and removing the old primer line.

After removing the old primer line I salvaged the sleeving used to protect it and ran the new primer ine through it.  I still need to get some heat shrink tubing to protect the ends of the sleeving and to secure the fuel lines inside it.

Tomorrow I’ll get the heat shrink tubing and hopefully finish off this repair.

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