Fuel Primer Repair – Part 3

After measuring how much fuel primer line I would need I threaded it through the protective mesh webbing and added heat shrink tubing on both ends of the mesh.


Then I heated the tubing ends up in boiling water to help them stretch and slide over the fittings on the carburetor more easily.  I secured the carburetor end of the primer line and then slide the primer bulb ends of the tubing and mesh through the hole in the Rodeo Nirvana backshell.  I had to file out the hole a little because the primer tubing was slightly thicker walled than the orginal tubing.  I added some Gorilla Glue and then propped the motor up so that the glue wouldn’t run.  A little tape around the hole in the backshell prevented (most of) the glue from running out the hole.

After the glue dried I cut the tubes to length and pushed them onto the primer bulb fittings.  I put a dab of superglue on the tube ends to make sure they stayed on the primer bulb.  I did not glue the primer bulb to the backshell but just left it snapped in place.  If no leaks develop then I’ll glue it in.


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