Anderson Ultimate Hitch 2

I just received comment in my blog from Andersen Hitches.  It seems they have improved the coupling device on their hitch by adding a funnel which guides the ball hitch into the coupler.  This makes hitching up far more easy and gives a little room for “slop” when hitching up.  I know that this feature will definitely be a benefit to me personally. 🙂

Here’s what the hitch comes with…


You can see the new addition of the funnel and how cleverly designed it is.  It just bolts on the receiver assembly which bolts to the kingpin of your coach.


Not sure if owners of existing hitches can fit these to their units but it would appear you could add it easily.  If the size of the aluminum billet hasn’t changed then this would be a no-brainer addition.


You can see that once fitted on the kingpin of your coach, it will be much easier to hitch to your tow vehicle.  You can be 3 inches off-center in any direction and still hitch up easily.


Andersen seems to be an innovative company that keeps refining and enhancing their products.  I think my mind is made up.  I’m going Andersen Ultimate 2… too!


NOTE:  I’ve received no promotion or incentive from anyone to write this article.


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