Broken Hip and Finally Flying

It’s been an exciting few days.  I got home from work yesterday to find my mother-in-law sitting on the floor.  She had “fallen and couldn’t get up”.  Poor thing had been there for an hour or more.  I felt so bad for her.  We had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital because she couldn’t walk to the car.  Turns out she had broken her hip.  She got a partial hip replacement today.  Now she’s on the road to recovery.

Since we had been at the hospital most of the night, I decided to call in sick.  Cristy would need help and support while she was helping and supporting her mother.  Later in the day after things had calmed down I decided to head out to New Jerusalem (where the earth meets the sky) and see if I could finally get a good flight in before the next storm comes in.  The winds looked very favorable on the ground as I was preparing to launch but the atmosphere was still pretty thermally. I took off and immediately found out how thermally.  It was controllable but not comfortable.  I landed and kited a while then decided to stop and wait for calmer air.

img_20170125_171352Finally as the sun dipped behind the Diablo Range the already light winds stopped and all thermal action ceased.  I launched into the air again and found some nice silky atmosphere to play in.  However, the sun was going down and it was CHILLY.  I came back and made a great landing and sat and just enjoyed the airport noise as is my custom after a flight.  It was a wonderful end to a crazy two days.



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