From PPG to PPC

I’ve been flying my powered paraglider (PPG) for a year now and very much enjoy it. cropped-71c26c1073fda0755088ed4e7b53d956.jpg However, one aspect I do not enjoy about my PPG is its susceptability to wind.  This past flight where I took off in calm air and then had the wind pick up before I even landed which had me trapped in my harness for a few minutes made me realize I need an aircraft that is more stable.  I have since decided that I’m going to trade my PPG for a powered parachute (PPC).  The wing (parachute) on a PPC is far more stable than a PPG.  That can also be read as far less maneuverable but I’m fine with that.

p3lite2Right now I’m leaning towards purchasing a P3 Lite by Six Chuter.  Like my PPG the P3 is classified as an ultralight aircraft.  This means that it’s exempt from most FAA regulations.  I can do all the maintenance myself and can fly it without a pilot’s license.  I have a pilot’s license so that wouldn’t be a problem but FAA certified aircraft require annual inspections from FAA mechanics.  In California where I live I’d have to pay a luxury tax on a certified aircraft.   So the two big factors in sticking with an ultralight aircraft are cost and regulation.  And in the end I believe it will be every bit as portable as my PPG is.  Plus it should be far more stable for low and slow cross country flying which is what I would really rather do.  PPG’s are more suited to aerobatics which, I’m not.

More to come.


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