Six Chuter P3 Lite

I had a chance to drive up to Lincoln Airport today to take a look at a powered parachute being put together.  It’s called a P3 Light by Six Chuter.  I took a close look, sat in it, and took lots of pictures.  The flying characteristics are a lot more stable and more docile.  I think at this stage in life I’m looking for a little more stable and docile.  I spoke to the owner of the P3.  He told me he used to fly PPG and there was no comparisson on how much more stable a PPC is compared to a PPG.  I think for my type of flying, low and slow, lazy cross-country flying, the PPC will be a better choice for me.

He also gave me some good ideas for equipping my P3; bigger tires, hydraulic brake, bigger front tire, heavier fork, quick release on the top section of the prop cage.  So, armed with this list I’ll be calling the factory on Monday to place my order.

Here are a few pictures of the P3 Lite…


I’m going to order a larger front tire and fork like this one.  Also shown is the steering bar.  You steer with your feet.  Push on the left bar to go left, the right bar to go right.  Your hands are free.img_20170211_162434


This unit also has the larger front fork.  An item I’m going to order as well.img_20170211_162511

I love the open front seat.  I feel very constricted in the harness of my Nirvana.img_20170211_162514

The top portion of the prop guard is removable on this unit.  I’m going to build mine the same.img_20170211_162516

I’m also going to order the larger tires as on this one.  Will make for operating in rough terrain easier.img_20170211_162525img_20170211_162533img_20170211_162535img_20170211_162555img_20170211_162610img_20170211_162620img_20170211_162627img_20170211_162641

This is the tiller.  It’s only used for ground steering.  Move it left to turn left, right to turn right.  Also has a hand brake.img_20170211_162646img_20170211_164316

Showing the front hydraulic disc brake.img_20170211_164328

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