Powered Parachute Progress

I am told that my PPC will be ready some time around the middle of March.  I’ve made arrangements to drive up there at the end of March to pick it up.  Since it won’t fit on the trailer I have I bought another trailer.  The PPC manufacturer just happened to have one that belonged to a customer that the were trying to sell.  I went ahead and bought an enclosed cargo trailer.  It will not only serve as a hangar for my PPC but will also make a decent camper.

I’ll keep a portable heater and fold up bed on board to make it a mini-toy-hauler.  I’ll also need to add a battery so I can run the lights when it’s not connected to my truck.  I’ll eventually add solar charging for the batter at some point too.


This will come in handy when flying from other fields.  There is a very active PPC group about an hour and a half north of where I live.  It doesn’t make sense to wake up really early and drive two hours just to fly.  This way I’ll be able to drive up the night before and camp in the trailer.

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