PCC vs PPG What’s The Difference?

I’ve had a couple people ask me what’s the difference between what I’m flying now (PPG) and the new flying machine (PPC).  The major difference is the type of parachute used.  The powered parachute (PPC) has larger air inlets and has a shorter wing span.  The parachute is more square.   The trike that you ride in is also heavier.  The powered paraglider (PPG) has a longer, more elliptical shaped wing.  The trike is much lighter.  So why would I want something with a smaller wing and heavier?  The short answer is stability.  The heavier weight and stockier wing give the craft more stability in the air.  It is also less maneuverable but I’m okay with that.   The other features of the PPC that I am looking forward to is being able to steer with my feet rather than my hands.  Steering with rudders is something pilots are more used to.  And one of the features I’ll really like is the throttle; on a PPC it is a standard aircraft throttle.  On the PPG it is a hand throttle that must be held closed for the duration of your flight.  The PPC you just move the throttle to the desired position and leave it there.  This leaves your hands completely free.

Here’s a video of the exact model of PPC that I have purchased.

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