PPC Engine Unboxing

I finally got around to unboxing the engine I received on Friday.  It was a pleasant distraction given the bad news I received this morning.  It is exciting in that I can see tangible proof that my powered parachute is almost ready for me to pick up and start assembling.  Luckly the folks at Six Chuter have already built the airframe up and it’s already on wheels.  So they’ve saved me a ton of work.

Here is the airframe… MY airfame. 🙂  It still has the small tires on it.  I’ve ordered turf tires for it which will be larger and make it safer to roll across rougher ground.  I’ll be driving up to the Six Chuter factory to pick it up in a few weeks.


The two boxes I received contained the engine, the propeller, the muffler, and assorted engine doo-dads like the starter, starter solenoid, and assorted engine gauges.

I did a quick inventory and everything seems to be there.  I’ll have to do a more thorough inventory in the coming days.  Still it was fun seeing the first pieces of my new aircraft on my workbench.

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