PPC Assembly Day 5

I’m still on hold for mounting the engine while I’m waiting for my fuel pump to show up so I decided to move to the other end of the airplane.  I drilled the holes for the instruments and switches in the instrument pod.  Tom Connelly gave me a panel template on a sheet of paper.  When I looked at it though, the holes didn’t quite look right.  Then I realized it was a mirror image of what the layout was supposed to be.  I turned the sheet around and traced the cutouts on the opposite side and then things lined up right.  I taped the template to the instrument pod and started drilling.  A step drill took care of most of the holes.  I had some 2 inch hole saws left over from my other airplane projects.  I selected the least ratty one and cut out the holes for the engine gauges.  The tachometer is just taped in place for now.  I couldn’t find the screws for it so I may just pick some up at the hardware store.

Here is today’s progress…


This is the original template.  I had to flip it over and trace out the cut outs on the opposite side.  The template as-is is a flipped, mirror image of what the template should be.


Here is the finished product.  The tach is just taped in place for now.  Everything else is mounted.

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