PPC Assembly Day 6

Got a lot accomplished today.

  1. Fuel pump installed
  2. Regulator installed
  3. Engine mounted
  4. Tachometer mounted and wires run
  5. Wire loom run from from instrument panel to engine area
  6. Began wiring regulator
  7. Carburetor mounted

I also mounted the starter contactor but mounted it in the wrong place so I’ll have to move that and put a bolt through the “lightening hole” I created.

I still have lots of questions that I’ll email to the factory on Monday.  Tom would answer my questions all weekend but a guy needs some time off.  My questions are:

  1. How is the carburetor supposed to be oriented?
  2. Does it have a choke?
  3. If so, where can I get a choke cable?
  4. The instructions reference a brown wire on the regulator, but the only wires left are a black wire and a red wire.

I’ll hit Tom up with those on Monday.  For now I’ll just keep doing what I can.  Tomorrow I’ll try wiring up the instruments.  I also need to go back, apply loc-tite to the engine bolts and torque them to the proper values.  I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow for that.


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