P3 Lite PPC Flies

Had a great Saturday this past weekend!  I drove up to Lincoln, CA to meet up with the local Six Chuter dealer.  I wanted to give him an opportunity to give my PPC a once-over and also to help me rig the wing.  There wasn’t much help going on he pretty much did everything.  We headed over to the PPC field and started laying out the wing.  Ken the dealer went over wing layout and stowing.

Then we went for a flight in his PPC so Ken could show me the big difference between PPG’s and PPC’s; the slower response.


It really did feel like flying a bus around the sky.  At least compared to my PPG.  After a few circuits and a landing I asked Ken to do the first flight on my P3 Lite.

Ken reported that it flew great but needs a little tweaking to get the exhaust gas temperature down.  Will be working on that this week.

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